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Nintendo UK announces incredible wave of promotions! Starts preparing the portfolio

The Nintendo Switch remains one of the most popular portable consoles ever, having also gained a...

Amazfit now has a little brother: Zepp Z, new premium smartwatch

Zepp Z, a smartwatch with premium air Many times when we look for a low-priced smartwatch we find designs or materials that are not of...

Get 6 euros as a gift with this Amazon promotion

Two days of scandal on Amazon In case you live in a cave and you don't know very well what we are talking about, you...

OnePlus: see your new “virtual world” and you can win a OnePlus 8T

the OnePlus 8T is coming here. However, before that, the company decided to show its virtual...

Xiaomi electric motorcycle for € 400 you don't need a license to drive

Xiaomi has launched on its crowdfunding website, Youpin, a new electric bike that looks more like a small electric bike at a simply impeccable price.

Priced at around € 400 (value introduced in China), this small electric bike looks more capable than the normal bike we are used to. It also has a small engine that can take us up to 120 kilometers without pedaling.

Xiaomi electric motorcycle

This electric bike by the name of "Mi HIMO T1" is patent-based, but it seems that Xiaomi and the company that makes it have come up with a way to make it real. Therefore, Xiaomi in partnership with "Himo" decided to launch the bike to the public. If the public decides to buy the small gadget from crowdfunding, it is very likely that Xiaomi will manufacture it again for the general public.

Will this electric bike arrive in UK?

Xiaomi already has electric bikes for sale in UK. This time, this bike is a partner between Xiaomi and QICYCLE. That is, the ideology is the same the gadget is that is slightly different. The price is not.

Xiaomi Electric Bike 2

Electric bike is a partnership between Xiaomi and Himo

Xiaomi's crowdfunding website, Youpin, helps small and midsize businesses take their gadgets further. However, Xiaomi also has to win with this.

The brands present the designs to the Chinese giant and, if interested, can launch the product in Xiaomi crowdfunding with their approval and recommendation. In addition, Xiaomi typically integrates smart products with its own "Mi" application. That is, Xiaomi wins because it has more products and smaller brands win because it has more visibility and sales of their product.

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Extreme solution to Canon EBoxS R5 temperature problem

Extreme solution to Canon EBoxS R5 problems Admittedly, we loved the Canon EBoxS R5. Because technically the camera is a real madness, both for...

Google Chrome 87 brings perfect functionality to organize your tabs!

Google recently launched a new update for its browser, Google Chrome 87. As with so many...

Tired of Instagram? See how you can easily delete or disable your account

Today, social media is an important part of many users' lives. However, in many situations...

Tesla will give direct access to Autopilot cameras on your smartphone

The next major Tesla software update for cars is about to be released, and Elon Musk...

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Xiaomi: update for smartphones gives your camera a functionality you didn’t expect

If you have a Xiaomi smartphone, you can already boast that your smartphone's camera has a...

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches with PS5 gameplay

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Xiaomi Poco M3 will be available in Europe with friend price

Xiaomi subsidiary Poco is preparing to launch a new affordable smartphone for tomorrow. The model...

The new Chromecast is definitely a pocket-sized Android TV

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