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Xiaomi Did you know that MIUI 9 has a new Game Mode?

Xiaomi MIUI 9 game mode
Have you received the brand new UI version? Then we have a surprise for you!

MIUI 9 is the latest version of official ROM from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. It represents your vision of what the Android operating system should be and look like. It was announced in July and took "a few" months to reach all devices compatible with this new version. Now it's time to meet the new "Game Mode".

By the way, just yesterday we advanced here firsthand your arrival to about 40 Xiaomi smartphones. Some with about 6 years of life. Truth be told, the update was late in reaching all devices but judging by the feed back and consumer opinions, seems to have been worth it.

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Now with the MIUI 9 Xiaomi smartphones now have a smart resource manager. In other words, smart CPU acceleration complemented by the dynamic management of Xiaomi device resources. This is a device-based mode of device optimization. The ultimate goal? Provide the best user experience possible.

MIUI 9 has new Game Mode for Xiaomi

Earlier this month, Xiaomi introduced a new Game Mode in its MIUI 9 ROM. This aims to optimize the performance of the smartphone / tablet in gaming situations. You can enable these options in the MIUI Security or security application.

Upon activation of this game mode a shortcut will appear on the home screen for you to enable or disable this mode. It will be a switch that you should activate when you are playing something on your smartphone and need maximum performance. This, of course, will give you the best experience possible on your device. It will essentially make your smartphone "give you everything you have".

After activation, as we are told by gsmarena, The game mode will immediately clear the cache. It will also clear some RAM so that the system has as many resources as possible. This way your smartphone can give you the best response that its features allow you.

You can activate this Game Mode at your leisure.

It will be ideal for those who can't stand playing anything if the smartphone shows you some slowness or some kind of lag or "lock ". If you review yourself in this user group then you will surely enjoy the news for your Xiaomi mobile device.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 Game Mode
This Game Mode will optimize smartphone performance.

Note also that the user may enjoy various modes of customization or customization of various aspects. Within this Game Mode you will have various settings. The Xiaomi user may keep the screen's brightness level or brightness unchanged. You can keep the Do Not Disturb mode active.

Have you tried this new Game Mode on your Xiaomi?

You can restrict background data synchronization. You can even turn off the backlight of the navigation keys. All this so you can keep all your attention in the game, just as the smartphone gives you the best performance possible.

This is a new tool available to the device users of this Chinese manufacturer. It will be well appreciated by gamers and anyone who wants to optimize the performance of their smartphone in heavy applications. A good example would be navigating apps like Google Maps, among others.

If you have a Xiaomi smartphone with the new MIUI 9 you would be asked to test this new Game Mode and then leave us yours feed back down here in the comments. If it works well, if you feel an improvement in performance, etc.

You can find more opinions and feed back from the MIUI community here at the official forum of the Chinese brand.

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