Xiaomi Cotton Candy Machine? Joke or seriously?

Xiaomi Cotton Candy Machine? Joke or seriously?

Xiaomi today unveiled its first cotton candy machine. If it were Apple, I'd say it's a total April Fool's joke, but with Xiaomi everything is expected.

Such a cotton candy machine is capable of being smart and programs your cotton candy through an application for Android or iOS. The machine has plastic bottom and metal top. The same metal used in surgery for greater strength and longevity.

Cotton Candy Xiaomi

Plus, the machine will be able to tell when you get home through the app and you can program it to start warming up without having to wait long before you have your cotton candy ready.

Is this machine a joke or reality? From Xiaomi we can expect everything!

According to the information, this machine would have the ability to connect to the Mi Home application and be easily controlled through its standalone application or Xiaomi's general application for smart equipment.

Xiaomi Cotton Candy Machine

However, it seems that this cotton candy machine is just a lie. But this is where I wonder about the joke. As I mentioned, if it were another brand, it was still a joke, but did Xiaomi bother to design its Mijia machine to tell us later that it's just a joke on the day of deception?

I honestly have my doubts. One thing is for sure, we will be aware of possible development. Xiaomi has just unveiled its Xiaomi Mi 9 with transparent cover and "Roy" edition. Many also believed that the product would be part of the day of deception and this is not the case.

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