Xiaomi CIGA T: meets the new watch with irreverent design (video)

Xiaomi CIGA T: meets the new watch with irreverent design (video)

Xiaomi announced this week its new CIGA Design T-series watch. This is a watch for those looking for something robust, aesthetically irreverent and without the usual smart functions.

The watch has a look that gives you the chance to see its inner gears. Its sapphire display is 1.22mm thick, and gives you a full view of the time and the entire internal structure of a device designed to leave no one indifferent in design.

Weighs only 39 grams

We are talking about a watch with a classic mechanical structure, which you can control using its rotary knob. Its weight of just 39 grams makes it quite comfortable to wear.

This is going to be a clock without the intelligence you are looking for today, but with the ideal design for those who want to figure in a business meeting or just a night out.

xiaomi ciga design t

Supports water immersion up to 30 meters deep

The strap's construction promises comfort even when the watch is worn for long periods in summer. It is made of very soft and elastic silicone. The CIGA T supports water immersion up to 30 meters deep.

If you are looking for a smart watch, the new Xiaomi CIGA T is not for you. However, if you are looking for something irreverent to just see the time, this is certainly an option to consider.

Buy Xiaomi CIGA at Bangood for 89 euros in presale

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