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Xiaomi CEO may have revealed the features of the next high-end smartphone!

Xiaomi’s CEO jumped into his Weibo social network account to ask his followers what they value most in a high-end smartphone.

However, it is no longer the first time that a simple question becomes reality. In other words, this question may well be an affirmation of your next top of the range.

Question from Xiaomi CEO to his followers

CEO Xiaomi flagship smartphoneThe CEO of Xiaomi said that it was not easy to create a top of the range with all the features and a low price. Therefore, he asked the fans about the characteristics they considered most important.

Still, he gave us details that we normally wouldn’t have had if it were just a question. That is, at the end of the day, Xiaomi presents the mobile phone and says “after all we got it all for a low price”.

Some features of the next Xiaomi smartphone

  • 4500 mAh battery
  • Glass construction
  • Wireless charging
  • Infrared
  • High Refresh Rate display
  • NFC
  • Headphone jack 3.5
  • 30x zoom camera

Although we do not know which smartphone we are talking about, the rumors point to a possible Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus. Or, at best, a Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

Xiaomi CEO

The Mi Mix 4 has been talked about for a long time, however, rumors and leaks are not concrete about the launch of the terminal. In turn, the Mi 10 Pro Plus is more than plausible that it will be revealed in the coming weeks.

It remains for us to know the details of the smartphone. Both in design and in its specifications. Xiaomi has been working more with MediaTek in recent times, however, it is believed that they stick to Qualcomm’s chips at its top of the range.

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