Xiaomi will continue its line of successful home appliances with the launch of 3 refrigerators in the MIJIA range on the Chinese market. All refrigerators are smart with options between one, two and three doors. Prices start at 115 euros and go up to 379 euros (converted from Chinese currency). Thus, Xiaomi has 4 models of refrigerators in the MIJIA range.

  • MIJIA two-door refrigerator with a capacity of 160L
  • MIJIA three-door refrigerator with 210L capacity
  • MIJIA one door refrigerator with a capacity of 483L
  • MIJIA refrigerator with crossed doors with a capacity of 486L


All Xiaomi MIJIA refrigerators have drawers made of tempered glass, as well as the usual internal LEDs for lighting. Additionally, their power supplies can work with different voltages, avoiding malfunctions in case of power outages or surges.

The most expensive models have a front panel that can be used to adjust settings such as temperature. The regulator is used for the refrigerator and also for the freezer, whose temperatures can be regulated separately.

As you would expect, the refrigerators are smart, where the high-end models can be controlled by voice with the assistant Xiao AI. Therefore, these refrigerators are ideal for any brand enthusiast who wants to decorate their home.

Xiaomi also launched electric stove

Placed in funding in 2018, Xiaomi recently launched the OCooker Multipurpose Electric Cooker. This is an electric stove with a value of 26 euros. The equipment has 7 different cooking modes, it has heat retention so that the food stays warm.


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