Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 2 is really coming! Smartwatch is officially certified

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

Xiaomi is preparing a new smartwatch for the market. The Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 2 will be the successor to the well-known GTR that has created a positive impact in the wearables segment.

At this point we only know that the clock has the name “Lisbon” and that it should follow the design steps of its predecessor. That is, a robust smart watch with an enormous amount of features.

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 2 is officially registered

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR

The good news is that Xiaomi’s smartwatch may be closer than you think. This is because the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 2 has just been officially registered with official entities. When this happens, it means that the gadget already has everything it needs to be revealed officially.

The record doesn’t tell us much. Therefore, rumors say that the watch will have two variants of different size. It is expected, as I said, that the features are intended for sport and, with a lot of luck, we will also have the SpO2 blood oxygen sensor.

Xiaomi will have a strong competitor called Apple

Xiaomi amazfit GTR

However, not everything is a bed of roses for Xiaomi. Rumors say that Apple will bring an Apple Watch SE to the market. That is, a smart watch with good features and a more appealing price.

Although the Apple Watch only works on the iPhone, we can say that many Apple users prefer to go for a Xiaomi smartwatch due to its attractive price.

Thus, we have a market ready to explode with new options. Xiaomi has grown sustainably in wearables and UK is one of the countries that has been betting more and more on its options.

The Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 2 is not expected to arrive alone. This GTR 2 will be more dedicated to sport and adventure with a more robust design. However, it is expected that the GTS 2 with a more elegant design and similar to the Apple watch will also be revealed.

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