If there is a brand that has done to bring consumers various solutions for electric mobility, it is Xiaomi. Among scooters and bicycles, the company already has a diversified portfolio and Himo H1 is the latest model to be sold globally.

This is a folding bicycle launched in November of last year, which, due to its versatility, resembles a scooter with a seat. It is available on the Indiegogo platform for a price that starts at € 429.

In addition to the inviting price, this is a bike that stands out for its folding capacity. This is because it can reach the size of an A3 paper gap when folded, and weighs just 14kg.

Xiaomi Himo H1

Reaches 18km / h and has a range of 30km

We are talking about a bicycle capable of reaching 18km / h, and whose promised autonomy is 30km. Its battery is 270 Wh, and it is removable, so you can charge it in any situation.

It has a 180 Watt motor, and this is not a bicycle specifically designed for heavy people. This is because it comes with a 100kg weight limit. It will certainly be an interesting solution for anyone who wants something more than a scooter.

Xiaomi Himo H1

Himo H1 can now be purchased through the Indiegogo platform, which accepts orders globally. You should keep in mind that the units will only be shipped from May.

All the details of the Xiaomi Himo H1 on the Indiegogo platform

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