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Xiaomi patent reveals wireless headset different from what we are used to

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The Xiaomi Redmi 9 returns to its minimum price on Amazon, run!

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Xiaomi almost ruined POCO (Pocophone) smartphones. You see

POCO, the company I manufactured the first Xiaomi Pocophone F1, declared that it officially separated from Xiaomi. This is an important measure for the brand but even more important for users.

Do not misunderstand this decision. POCO is still part of Xiaomi, however, like Redmi, it no longer needs the shake of Xiaomi to launch anything. That is, there is greater independence and decisions are made by POCO and not by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi gave advantage to Redmi instead of Pocophone smartphones

Xiaomi Pocophone POCO

We were all incredulous when last year we did not see the successor to the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 officially revealed. After all, POCO’s smartphone had been a tremendous success.

Why did this happen? Very simple indeed. Xiaomi preferred to prioritize the Redmi sub-brand. A brand that has gained a reputation with Xiaomi’s entry-level smartphones and has turned into its own sub-brand.

Since there should be no money to invest in everyone, Xiaomi decided to leave Pocophone smartphones on Standby. It goes without saying that this was almost a stab at POCO that with just a smartphone conquered half the world.

POCO will launch much more smartphones from now on

Xiaomi Pocophone POCO

POCO has only one device in its portfolio, however, with this decision from Xiaomi, it means that the brand will have its independence to attack wherever it wants. In fact, it can (and should) compete with Redmi.

At the end of the day, profits will go out to Xiaomi. However, with its own management POCO will be able to attack wherever, however and without giving Xiaomi justifications. Except when submitting your account report.

Xiaomi almost killed POCO by postponing the launch of the successor to the well-received Xiaomi Pocophone F1, more of these decisions will not hinder POCO from conquering the world. We will see if the brand will be able to show what it is worth now without the watchful eye of Xiaomi.

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