Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer, the new from Xiaomi

The Xiaomi home products catalog (almost) knows no end and this new dryer only confirms it. The firm has launched the new Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer, a household appliance large dimensions that incorporates smart functions to be controlled from our mobile phone.

The model has a large capacity design, so it is possible to dry up to 10 kilos of clothing in one go (it is therefore perfect for large families), in addition to super fast drying of only 35 minutes. Xiaomi ensures that during the garment treatment process, the appliance eliminates bacteria and mites, managing to exterminate up to 99% of these pathogens.

Xiaomi tumble dryer

Through your smartphone you can manage the operation and programming of this dryer with WiFi connection that has nothing more and nothing less than, with 22 different modalities to choose with which to dry clothes (and thus make sure that whatever the type of fabric, you can almost always use it) and different levels to choose from within each mode. Come on, you can do a drying practically à la carte and completely to your liking of what you want, also enjoying accessories such as special grids to place even footwear.

Xiaomi tumble dryer

As for the design, it is white, with a fairly large black door that makes it very attractive. The device is very much in line with the other appliance that Xiaomi launched in April, a washer-dryer, also with intelligent functions and a 10-kilo capacity, which could also be controlled through an app. Now, however, he is more specific in his proposal with a more specific equipment for those who prefer to separate washer from dryer – many prefer to have them separately than to have both functions in the same “equipment”.

Price of the new Xiaomi dryer

The new Xiaomi Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer has been launched today, August 3 in China. At the moment it is possible to acquire it only in said market, where it is currently in launch promotion, at a cost of 3,499 yuan (about $ 502 /440 euros To the change). However, the official cost of the device will be 3,999 yuan (about 500 euros to change), once the period ends with a discount.

Xiaomi tumble dryer

Regarding its availability in UK, it is a mystery at the moment. To date the manufacturer has not been encouraged to bring such large devices to our market (beyond the famous Xiaomi TVs) so perhaps it will still take us a long time to see an appliance like this wearing palm in the window of its official store . Hopefully we are wrong.