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Xiaomi leads the mid-range market but Huawei dominates! (AnTuTu)

As it does for high-end smartphones, the AnTuTu platform has also revealed to us which are...

Fortnite hasn't arrived on Android yet! Do not install fake applications

Fortnite is one of the games of the moment and the company has said it will...

Apple is now a short step from reaching new stock market milestone

Apple is a unique company in many ways, or all. Yesterday, during WWDC18, the introduction of...

A guide to setting up a VPN on Windows 10

From data protection to privacy, from access to stream-locked services by geography and to anonymous work with torrents, there are simply a lot of reasons to install...

Xbox Series X will have much more immersive audio playback

On the website of the Game Developers Conference in 2020, it is detailed that the Xbox Series X console will have dedicated hardware audio acceleration. During the event, sound capabilities will be detailed, courtesy of Rober Ridihalgh, senior audio technician at Microsoft.

With this inclusion, the Xbox Series X’s sound capabilities will be above average. Considering how important sound immersion is in games today, the Xbox Series X will not fail in the audio department.

xbox series x

During the event, Borderlands 3 and Gears of War 5 will be used as an example in terms of sound engineering. It will also be explained how the partnership between Microsoft, Dolby will bring space sound to the headphones and speakers. The goal will be to make the console take advantage of the sound peripherals, to produce the best immersion experience possible.

PlayStation 5 will also have hardware audio acceleration

In 2019, Mark Cerny, a Sony consultant and a major figure in the development of PlayStation 5, confirmed that the next generation console will also have hardware dedicated to sound, to increase 3D audio capabilities.

Cerny pointed out that the audio capabilities have not changed much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The idea is that PlayStation 5 will bring innovation in all aspects, including graphics, gameplay and sound capabilities.

PlayStation 5 will also include an SSD drive and Ray Tracing image rendering technology. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X will be presented later this year, close to the festive seasons.

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Warzone will have a new map and is delayed until December 16

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Google Stadia offers 2 irresistible discounts and a free game until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out!

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Fortnite: 8 year old hired for $ 33,000 by eSports team

Joseph Deen, an 8-year-old American child, was hired to play Fortnite at a professional level by...

Prequel to The Mandalorian? Disney would even have the actors

Prequel to The Mandalorian? Disney would even have the actors Images Youtube Videos

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