PS5 already has official website

PS5 official website

It’s something. Sony has launched the official PlayStation 5 website, even if you don’t expect console images, launch games or anything related to its specifications. The web is limited to saying that we will have to keep waiting, and if you want to be aware of the news, leave your email to be notified immediately.

This is the official company statement:

We have already begun to share some of the amazing features that the PlayStation 5 will have, but we are not yet ready to fully reveal the new generation of PlayStation. Sign up below to be the first to receive updates as we publish them, including news about the PS5 release date, its price and the next list of PS5 release games.

What amazing features are those that say they have shared? They probably refer to the very fast SSD disk which will include the console and with which almost negligible load times will be achieved, support with 8K resolutions, the 8-core brain signed by AMD or backward compatibility with previous generations including PSVR.

What about the price of PS5?

Xbox Series X

For now it is too early to talk about this issue (even more when we do not know how externally the console itself is), but it is interesting to analyze the latest statements that Hiroki Totoki made in the call of Sony’s financial results. According to the manager, the company must first adjust the cost of labor and cost of personnel, and then adjust the volume of production so as not to create more consoles of the account.

But the really interesting thing about his words is when he points to the space to share in the market. Obviously it refers to the presence of Xbox Series X, a console whose price is not known for now, and whose figure will determine that of PS5, since as the director himself points out, they will need to find the right balance with which to calculate how far they are willing to contribute which refers to investment (a price closer to the manufacturing cost will bring less benefits).

Recall that PS4 managed to hit the Xbox One hard because it greatly inflated the price of the console. Knowing that, Sony will be waiting patiently for the price of Microsoft to try to strike a blow similar to the one it gave a few years ago. How far will Microsoft be able to lower its price?