Xbox Series X will allow you to play multiple games at once. Understand how

Xbox Series X will allow you to play multiple games at once. Understand how

In the aftermath of the Xbox Series X presentation, Gamespot interviewed some Microsoft executives. The great revelation of this interview will be that players can pause and resume multiple games at the same time.

The breakthrough with this big news is Jason Ronald, director of program management at Xbox. According to him, the idea is to offer longer playing time and shorter waiting time.

With the Xbox Series X, gamers can pause one game and jump to a completely different one. When they return to the first one, it will be in exactly the same place where it was left and vice versa.

Xbox Series X

If Xbox One can already do the same with one game, why not raise the bar and transpose this functionality to multiple games? This is the thinking of Jason Ronald and it is said to be a rather bold idea.

According to him, players are increasingly inclined to play several games at the same time. Honestly, this idea might be interesting for offline games, but in online games I'm not sure of its advantage.

Xbox Series X arrives in late 2020

It was during the Game Awards event that Microsoft slightly lifted the veil over its next console. What was previously dubbed Project Scarlett is now known as the Xbox Series X.

Little more has been revealed that its design and this is totally different from what we have seen in the market. The next Xbox console looks a lot like a mini computer because of its parallelepiped shape.

Even at the end of the console's introduction video, it is said to be coming in by Christmas 2020. A timing that coincides with the launch of its big competitor PlayStation 5.

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