Xbox Series X. Secrets of the PlayStation 5 rival revealed in real image

Xbox Series X. Secrets of the PlayStation 5 rival revealed in real image

The Xbox Series X is the next generation console that Microsoft will launch this year in competition with PlayStation 5. The console was officially revealed during the 2019 Game Awards, but now other secrets have been unveiled.

A Twitter user shared images of the front and rear of a Microsoft console prototype, revealing some details. If the front design of the console was already known, the rear image confirms the ports that will be available.

Xbox Series X without USB Type-C ports

We see an output HDMI port, presumably with standard 2.1 to connect to your monitor / tv, and also an optical input for audio. In addition, we see an Ethernet port, a power input and two USB type A ports.

It is good to remember that the door scheme had already been revealed a few weeks ago. At the time it was shared that the console would not have a USB type C port, and these images confirm it.

According to the Windows Central website, these images are true. However, the final version of the console will not have the hole for reporting diagnostics, and we can expect even more differences from this version.

The Xbox Series X should feature 12 teraflops of computing power, and the potential is expected to run games at 8K or 120Hz. PlayStation 5 will be its biggest competitor, but the design of the Sony console is still a real mystery.

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