Home Gaming Xbox Series X has been officially unveiled! Know the console of the future (video)

Xbox Series X has been officially unveiled! Know the console of the future (video)

Xbox Series X has been officially unveiled! Know the console of the future (video)

So far, the next generation of the Xbox console has always been known as “Project Scarlett”. But during the event Game Awards, Microsoft has decided to officially unveil its next-generation console, the Xbox Series X.

Many details about the new console have not been confirmed yet, but it is easy to see that it will be a big deal. Firstly, it takes on a totally different design from what we are used to in consoles, presenting a cobblestone shape.

Xbox Series X design sure to be controversial

At the top of the “box” we have a ventilation grille that is slightly bulged inside. In the upper left corner is the Xbox logo, which will also serve as the ON / OFF button.

The CD player is positioned in the opposite corner of the logo, while we also see in the video that on the opposite side there is a second button accompanied by the USB port.

This format is closer to what would be expected from a desktop computer than a console. Regardless of the popularity it will gain, it will surely be more complicated to get the new Xbox Series X in the mobile phone.

Still, it has been confirmed by the Microsoft representative that the new console will also be able to be positioned horizontally, making it a little more practical to fit into your living room furniture.

Xbox Series X will arrive in time for Christmas 2020

It has not been officially confirmed during this event, but several reports point to a release before next year's holiday season. I remember that during the last weeks a lot has been said about the launch of two consoles. Considering the name that has now been revealed, it seems that this will indeed happen.

Xbox Series X

While no specific information has been revealed about its specifications, Microsoft has ensured that it will be its fastest and most powerful console. It will set new standards in performance, speed and also compatibility.

One of Microsoft's strengths is the support of “old” games on its new consoles. This way your users will have access to thousands of games.

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