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Xbox Series X already adds records for reservations … and confusion

Record of reservations

Xbox Series X menu

Such has been the demand generated, that according to Microsoft it is the launch with the most acceptance in Microsoft’s history, since they have exceeded the record of Xbox reservations with the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. You just have to take a walk through the authorized dealers to discover that the reservation period has been a success, since many of them do not have more units at the moment, being forced to hang the sold out sign.

It is just what we can see in Amazon, where the product file has started to show the message “Not available”. Does that mean you have run out of console? Don’t worry, Microsoft invites users to be on the lookout for updates from distributors, as they could receive more reserve units later, something that is happening with PS5. Even so, on November 10 in full launch, many stores may have spare units to meet demand, so do not panic yet.

Xbox One X also a record

Xbox One X Christmas Deals

But if there is something curious and striking in this reservation period, it is the supposed confusion that many buyers have suffered when reserving an Xbox Series X. As you will surely have suffered on more than one occasion, the names of the new consoles and the of the current generation are very similar, and come to produce real short circuits when calling them by their name (the one who is writing these lines tells you).

Well, it seems that there are still people who can not distinguish them, since, in Amazon in the United States, sales of the Xbox One X rose 747% yesterday. People flooding the Xbox One X on Xbox Series X pre-order day? Obviously it was not an irrefutable offer, but rather a mistake when buying the console.

Many believed they were purchasing Microsoft’s next-generation console, as they were actually purchasing the current console. What face will they make when they receive it at home? Will they still believe they bought the new console?

Even Microsoft gets confused

Xbox Series X logo

The best part of all this is that even Microsoft has fallen into its own trap. In a press release published by the company, they indicated that Destiny 2: Beyond Light would come to Xbox One Series X, a name that is obviously a mixture of the name of both consoles and that, as expected, has generated countless jokes in Internet. Poor editor, he must have tremendous cocoa by now.

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Prequel to The Mandalorian? Disney would even have the actors Images Youtube Videos

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