Xbox Series S: the cheapest new generation console already has a release date

Xbox Series S

After we got to know the price of the new Xbox Series S earlier in the day, now Microsoft has revealed when it will hit the market. The cheapest next generation console will start to hit stores in November 10.

The announcement comes to us via the official Xbox Twitter page and comes with a short video introducing the console. In it, we not only get to know its design, but also some of its technical capabilities.

Xbox Series S known specifications

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not elaborate on the technical characteristics of its next console. Still, it is known that it will be able to run games at 1440p up to a maximum of 120fps.

Apparently, the Series S will use the same processor as the Series X, which guarantees support for technology ray tracing, variable refresh rate and low response times. Also mention that you will be able to do upscaling up to 4K games and play multimedia content at the same resolution.

An important detail of the new Xbox Series S has to do with its storage space. This will come with a 512GB SSD, which can be made short for some of the most current games.

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S will be 60% more compact than Series X

The Xbos Series S does not forget the rectangular design that has characterized Microsoft’s line of consoles, but it is much more compact than its more powerful sister. It is said that Series S will be 60% smaller than the Series X, and may even fit inside the latter.

Its aesthetic features are simple and without major complications. We have a large circle on the top that will serve for ventilation and on the front the Xbox symbol and a USB port that will serve to connect some accessories. The absence of a physical disc player is notorious, but purposeful, as this will be a game console in digital format.

It is important to remember that the Xbox Series S will be sold for 299 €. This value makes it the cheapest new generation console on the market, which could mean a huge success.

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