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Xbox Series S runs out of ray tracing in Devil May Cry 5

Ray tracing

Devil May Cry 5 Xbox Series S

Unfortunately it seems that in the odd proposal we will have the odd cut. It is just what will happen in Devil May Cry 5: Special EditionAs Capcom just confirmed that the game will not have ray tracing effects when it runs on Xbox Series S. Is this a tragedy?

For some, not being able to opt for all the technical features that the console promises could be a disappointment, but taking into account the Xbox Series S profile, the type of user the console is intended for probably does not miss the absence of ray tracing in this game. This, however, is something specific, since it does not mean that all Xbox Series S games will be without ray tracing, but it would be interesting to understand why Capcom has decided to do without this technology.

Performance issue?

The company has limited itself to pointing out that ray tracing effects will arrive via an update, and it will only be available to Xbox series x. Was it due to scheduling problems with the less capable platform? Phil Spencer has already confirmed that for some developers working for both consoles could translate into more work, and Capcom may have preferred to forget this detail to reduce workload.

Or maybe it is all due to a performance issue, since in everything else Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition it will run in the same way as in the most powerful version of the console, with a frame rate of 120 images per second, 3D audio, and reduced loading times.

What future awaits Xbox Series S?

As we said, this could be a specific case, but it will be interesting to see how the rest of the developers treat the S version of the console, since a lack of interest in the platform could devalue the product over time and force Microsoft to take a decision before the possibility of a fragmented platform. But in the end, it will be the sales that rule, since a good reception of the console thanks to its price could help establish a good user base that convinces developers to make the most of the small console. We will see what happens in the coming months.


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