Home Gaming Xbox Game Pass service on PS5? You can wait sitting

Xbox Game Pass service on PS5? You can wait sitting

Xbox Game Pass service on PS5? You can wait sitting

This week we finally get to know the prices of PlayStation 5, its accessories and the price lists of some games. Exclusives will cost € 79.99, which left some fans unhappy.

Jim Ryan, PlayStation CEO, gave an interview to the Game Industry and the topic was on the table. At a time when services like the Xbox Game Pass are appearing in the competitor, the executive ruled out something similar on the Sony console.

In case you didn't know, Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that gives you access to an extensive game library. This account, for example, with all games from Microsoft Game Studios as soon as they are released, or titles from Electronic Arts.

“We are not going to put new releases on a subscription model,” says Jim Ryan

“We are not going to put new launches on a subscription model. These games cost more than $ 100 million to develop. We don't think this is sustainable, ”he said, referring to the possibility of doing the same on PS5.

Jim Ryan, PlayStation CEO
Jim Ryan, PlayStation CEO

“For us, having a game catalog is not something that defines a platform,” he reiterates. “I want to make the games bigger and better. So put them on a subscription model on the first day, for us, it just doesn't make sense, ”he says.

If you expected something similar to the Xbox Game Pass, it is fully confirmed that Sony has no plans for this to happen. There will continue to be solutions like PlayStation Now, but where the latest games aren't exactly.

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