Xbox Game Pass continues to prove that each euro is worth its price

Xbox Game Pass continues to prove that each euro is worth its price

More games for your Xbox One

Although the games included in the Gold subscription in this month of February did not seem too interesting, with the news in Xbox Game Pass the opposite happens to us. And the applause is more than justified. As of February 6, the catalog of available games will increase with the incorporation of Final Fantasy XV Y Wolfenstein: Youngblood, two games that received very good criticism when they were launched in 2019 and now reach the Game Pass for all those who did not play it or want to do it again.

The third game that is included in the list is Death squared, a title born in the ID @ Xbox program that proposes very colorful and fun puzzles with which players will have to be very attentive to the movements and even cooperate in cooperative games to be able to win the victory. This title will be available on consoles, as the Game Pass for PC subscription will appear Death’s Gambit, a 2D platforms with quite striking RPG touches.

Game Pass already likes more than games with Gold

Xbox Series X

Microsoft is playing its cards very well. You might print with Games with Gold is that Microsoft is running out of interesting options to give in your monthly subscription, but the truth is that now the really interesting thing is in its permanent catalog. Xbox Game Pass has become a very attractive incentive to get an Xbox One, and it will be even more so when Xbox Series X arrives at stores.

As usual, the arrival of a new generation console is accompanied by a slightly scarce list of games, so having a very long library of games (even if they are from the previous generation), is a very favorable point at the time of buying the console. In addition, it would be normal for Microsoft to offer a free month to Xbox Game Pass to all buyers of the new console, so the offer could be quite succulent to start.


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