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Xbox director belies development of streaming-only console

Xbox director belies development of streaming-only console

In an interview with GameSpot, Xbox director Phil Spencer denies the development of a console dedicated to the xCoud streaming service. That possibility came up last month, but now Microsoft puts an end to these rumors.

According to Spencer, Microsoft's xCloud service will be compatible with smartphones, while its consoles will be designed to run games locally. For this we will have the new Xbox Scarlett, which should be revealed next year.

Xbox One X

Phil Spencer sees cloud-based gaming as the future

Although a console dedicated to streaming is not on Xbox's plans, its director still recognizes its potential. Phil Spencer believes cloud-based services will effectively be the future.

However, Spencer nonetheless maintains that this future is not yet ready to be the present. And even when we get to that point, physical devices will remain a requirement.

Looking at these words, the Xbox director does not close the door on an Xbox capable of running only cloud-based games, but that is not yet in the company's plans. Maybe in the future these plans will change.

For now we'll be at the mercy of Xbox Scarlett

The near future of Xbox will come solely from the new Project Scarlett console. This will be Microsoft's next high-end console that will directly rival the unveiled PlayStation 5.

These will surely be the two most powerful consoles on the market for years to come. We do not know when both will be revealed yet, but it seems that this could happen at the end of next year.

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