Xbox backward compatibility allows things like this: all models playing the same game

Xbox backward compatibility allows things like this: all models playing the same game

All Xbox playing the same game

Xbox Backward Compatibility

That is what they asked themselves on the well-known YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer, since they decided to find out to what extent the function of backward compatibility It could be used to interconnect the different generations with each other. The secret? The System-link function, a multiplayer game mode that was included in the original Xbox with the idea of ​​being able to organize games local network multiplayer in those days when the internet was not yet a fundamental piece in many homes.

The idea took off really well, and there were many parties that were created at that time, but it was impossible to imagine that almost 20 years later we were going to see it in operation with such a curious test.

So focusing on the local game function and using the mythical Crymson skies, in Modern Vintage Gamer they decided to set up their particular party lan using an original Xbox, an Xbox 360, an Xbox One and an Xbox Series S. The result? You can see it yourself in the published video.

As you can see, the system was still working like a charm, being able to create a new session without problems and allowing all consoles to find the game through the local network. Recall that both the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series S are running the game through the backward compatibility platform (in the case of the Xbox Series S it is a digital copy of the game purchased through the Marketplace).

The value of retro

Taking all this into account, there is no doubt that the work that Micrososft has applied in its backward compatibility section is spectacular. Being able to guarantee its users that they will be able to continue playing the games in their collection regardless of the console they are using at that time is something that many users know how to value, so it is possibly one of the fundamental pieces when choosing a console.

And yes, the need to play a game from 3 generations ago may not be a staple for most gamers, but why would you have to stop playing the games you bought 20 years ago?


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