World of Warcraft finally has its original series: Afterlives

World of Warcraft finally has its original series: Afterlives

Afterlives, the afterlife

For years, many years, fans of Blizzard and World of Warcraft in particular have been calling for the company to release more content related to their popular and legendary game. And it's completely understandable. First of all because their stories go a long way and secondly, because since that movie that we saw many years ago there was nothing else. And let's face it, if stories and stories could be drawn from a video game, it would undoubtedly be this one.

Well, now what many dreamed of has come true. It has taken, it is true, much longer than any fan would have wished, but finally we can say that Afterlives' first animated series arrives on the occasion of the official launch of what will be the new expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Afterlives or The Beyond is an original and animated mini series that will consist of four chapters. That is, it really is a mini series and although details such as the duration of each of the chapters are unknown, don't worry. Because the next day August 27 the first one will be released from them. Therefore, in a matter of two days you will find out about that and other additional details.

Regarding the stories it will tell, the first trailer gives us a glimpse of some of the characters that will be there, but again you will have to throw your imagination and speculation until it is released to find out what it will all be about. However, as the name of the series itself indicates, everything will be closely linked to that afterlife, with the transition from one world to another in the WoW universe.

If you are a WoW fan, surely many ideas go through your head about what it could tell. Maybe even some theory to which this trailer lends itself. But if not, calm down. The important thing is that with Afterlives the company will finally give its fans that extra material that has been demanded so many times.

It is true that it is not the first time that he does something similar, with previous expansions he also released some bonus material that told or expanded to some extent what its new expansions were going to narrate, but this time the mini-series format is clearer and we hope it is the beginning of a new way of consuming the stories of World of Warcraft.

Regarding the technical level, the trailer also serves as a showcase of what we will see and the truth is that it looks very good. Some may have expected the spectacular cinematics, but it is also true that the work involved would be much greater. Even so, I do not think that anyone will rule out that at some point there will be a series or movie that is 100% computer generated, as if we joined all the cinematics to form a single film.

Where and when to see the afterlife

Summarizing, Afterlives or The Beyond can be seen from next August 27 at 20:00 CEST and will consist of four chapters. You can see the first episode on Opening Night Live. So don't make too many plans and make yourself comfortable, because you are going to meet the ancient and powerful curiae that rule the four zones of the Shadowlands.


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