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Wondershare Data Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Files on Your PC or MAC

Wondershare data recovery
credit: depositphotos

After testing Wondershare Data Recovery on my MacBook, I felt it was time to share with readers a tool that, while not free, managed to accomplish its intended purpose. Here's the drama: As a rule, we record our high quality weekly Live Podcast audio so you can listen to PodCast in the quality you deserve.

However, for distraction I ended up dragging the recording to the Trash and when I realized what I did it was too late. And now, how to recover this precious audio clip? Believe me, the audio quality on YouTube live is nowhere near the same as a proprietary recording where I can get the most out of my Blue Baby Bottle.

Wondershare Data Recovery – Recover Your Files

Well, if you are reading this article it is because you also need deleted file recovery software and this is where Wondershare Data Recovery comes in. If you are thinking of buying such software to recover a lost file at the outset, I recommend that you try Wondershare Data Recovery. If you think it's worth it, you can later buy a license to enjoy the full program.

See the full product and download here

Wondershare Data Recovery is software already well known in the world of technology. Incidentally, it is a brand that develops many kinds of useful programs and tools. This one in particular has the faculty of being easy to use and can recover almost all kind of files. Recognizes over 550 different formats. It's relatively fast software, depending on whether you have an HDD or SSD, and is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

In which scenarios will it be useful?

If you delete a file accidentally or purposely. If you clean up or empty your trash and for some reason you need something that has been disposed of. What to do?

When you format your hard drive it is possible to lose some kind of file by erasing some information on purpose or not. If you have not done any kind of backup This is where Wondershare Data Recovery can be helpful. Another scenario would be a poorly executed disk partition, which can also lead to data loss.

A computer virus infection is a very real threat to any type of computer as it can corrupt or even delete information from your disk. This often happens when the computer (the disk specifically) has been infected with a virus or malware. With a formatting, usually the problem will be solved but it always pays to prevent.

See the full product and download here

Sometimes a power outage is enough when you are installing an update or simply using your computer for some more or less serious loss of information. In these cases a UPS will always be an asset and great security. However, Wondershare Data Recovery can help you recover files that have been corrupted by abrupt power failure and unexpected shutdown.

How to use Wondershare Data Recovery

This software allows you to recover files and data by two main methods. The first is the normal mode of Wondershare Data Recovery, or Standard Mode. In this mode you will see other options and search modes at your disposal so that you can choose the most convenient method. If you are trying to recover large files the search may take a long time. You can pause your search and resume later, which few programs provide.

The first step will be to search your computer and select the folder or location where you want to scan. A small step that will save you a lot of time and is one of the biggest assets of Wondershare Data Recovery over sometimes expensive rivals.

You can even scan directly into Recycle Bin, Trash, some External Drive or specific folders on your computer. Once again, this is a feature of Wondershare Data Recovery that we don't see in many more offers.

See the full product and download here

At a supported device level, Wondershare Data Recovery is capable of analyzing and recovering files on memory cards, USB sticks, External Disks and even cameras. This feature is shared by other more expensive software.

One thing I didn't really like about this Wondershare Data Recovery was the quality of the files in preview mode. That is, after detecting the files, Wondershare Data Recovery gives you the possibility to inspect them before recovering them and here we feel some flaws when compared to other software.


Wondershare Data Recovery

What I liked

What I didn't like

If you use Wondershare Data Recovery in UK’s you will come across several errors or missing translations. Also, the trial version blocks most of the essential tools for you. Let yourself recover up to 100mb and no "DeepScan". If you want to enjoy the entire program you will have to buy a license whose price is close to 40 €.


Overall, Wondershare Data Recovery works well and does its job. Its use is generally simple and straightforward. If you are a basic user you will be able to find your path and the files you are looking for. If you are a more advanced user I think you will enjoy the advanced search modes and the various search filters by name, date, location, file type, etc. What costs more, truth be told, is to pay the almost 40 € for the license of the program but, having fulfilled the purpose, it is worth it.

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