Wonder Woman 1984: Summer 2021 or Premiere on HBO Max?

Wonder Woman 1984: Summer 2021 or Premiere on HBO Max?

Wonder Woman 1984 in danger again

The COVID-19 infections continue to occur and the worst of all is that we see how during the last months the number has returned to be worrying in many parts of the world. For this reason, harsh measures have had to be taken again, greatly affecting everything related to leisure. And of course, an important leg of that entertainment industry is the cinemas.

Therefore, although for now the release date of Wonder Woman 1984 It is still the one of December 25, it would not be strange if they end up modifying it. Because if they already did it going from July 5, 2020 to August 14, and later jump to October 2 and end up setting it the last month of the year, what prevents them from doing it again?

Wonder Woman 1984

The only problem is that if this ends up happening, then we would be talking about a much longer delay. Until the months of June, July or August 2021 we would not have the opportunity to see the sequel of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot again in front of it. And let’s see, there are worse things, but we also admit that there is a desire to enjoy the film and to be able to forget a little the day to day that is sometimes quite complicated.

The positive part of taking the premiere to the summer of 2021 is that, hopefully, the vaccines against COVID-19 could already be well advanced and its distribution among the population has begun. So we could return to a more normal “normality” than we are today. Although in all that scenario Warner would be the biggest beneficiary. Because despite the delays, he would have a better chance of making the film’s premiere financially profitable. Something that, for example, did not achieve with Tenet despite having tried to maintain its premiere in theaters.

However, there is also a second option and that is bring Wonder Woman 1984 to HBO Max to release it at the beginning of January 2021. Thus, the premiere in theaters would be maintained wherever possible and shortly after, it would be possible to reduce the times between window and window of exploitation to be able to exploit the tape on the online streaming platform owned by Warner Media.

This move could be important for HBO Max itself by allowing it to have a big Hit that would attract a large mass of users. But also for movie sales, which would accept these terms of the negotiation with the studio in exchange for receiving a little oxygen as income for the payment that HBO Max would make for the broadcast.

What will happen in the end? Well, for now we do not know, because there is no type of official statement. But it is certain that there will be in a matter of a couple of weeks at the most. Hopefully they find the formula that convinces all the parties involved and the users as such benefit. Meanwhile, if you want to shorten the wait, you can enjoy DC’s cinematic universe and watch its movies in order.


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