With these Prime Day offers, if you don’t have a Kindle it’s because you don’t want

With these Prime Day offers, if you don't have a Kindle it's because you don't want

Kindle, the basic that never disappoints

The Kindle is hands down the quintessential e-book reader on Amazon. It is the most basic (and cheap) model but the one that never disappoints whoever buys it. And the team has everything you need to get started in the world of reading ebooks: a screen of 6 inches without reflections, a resolution of 167 pixels per inch, 4 GB of storage to store books (and those are many ebooks, trust us) and even front light, with 4 LEDs, so that at night you can continue enjoying that title that has you so hooked without disturbing anyone else in the dark of night.

Body manageable (very handy) thanks to its dimensions and weight, over time it has become the inseparable companion of many assiduous readers, who see in this equipment the perfect solution to carry their favorite books with them, being able to underline passages, search for definitions, translate words and, of course, adjust different reading parameters to your liking such as font size and font or line spacing.

New Kindle

With a autonomy that can last you weeks, the best thing about the Kindle is its price, even more so now, which is placed in its price minimum historical. And, thanks to Prime Day 2020, it is possible to buy it right now for 59.99 euros (This is a 33% discount). It takes time to hunt him down.

Kindle Oasis, for demanding readers

The basic Kindle is the king of sales, but if you want something more special (in performance and design), obviously your model is the Oasis. This model, somewhat relegated by its high price, is the summun of e-readers, thanks to its elegant wedge-shaped finish ultra thin and to a design screen of 7 inches with a resolution of no less than 200 pixels per inch.

Dispose of adjustable warm light (with nothing less than 25 LEDs) that allows you to change the shade of the screen from white to amber, is waterproof and comes with buttons on its side, allowing a more comfortable page turn.

Kindle Oasis

A precious device that now lowers its price for Prime Day to go from 249.99 euros that it costs to only 179.99 euros. As a gift for a inveterate reader (or a gift, hey), it is undoubtedly the perfect detail.

Paperwhite, the balanced option

The Kindle Paperwhite model is also on sale, although unlike its brothers, it has been enjoying the discount for several hours. Still, we couldn’t help but mention it quickly around here, reminding you, in case you hadn’t heard, that the team is also on Prime Day sales.

It is, as we already pointed out in the title, the most balanced option, since it combines qualities of its little and older brother. So you have a computer with a screen 6 inches glare-free with resolution of 300 dpi, front lighting with 5 LEDs, and a body waterproof -You don’t know how quiet it is to read by the pool when you enjoy this feature.

Kindle Paperwhite

Its body is also very manageable, and although it does not reach the sophistication of the Oasis, it is sure to be comfortable to hold and use. You can find it with a capacity of 8 or 32 Gb and with free WiFi or WiFi + 4G connection, which allows you to download any book wherever you are without any connection costs.

Its usual price is 129.99 euros, but right now it is at 94.99 euros (its best price to date, yes). You can’t let it go.

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