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How to watch comedies on ABC from anywhere

September has come! This means that new episodes of our favorite comedy series are starting to appear. ABC's announced comedy series on Wednesdays begin...

OnePlus 7T Pro is with excellent promotion! It can be yours for less than € 600!

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League of Legends: Wild Rift we already play the new LoL for Android and iOS

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Microsoft Edge arrives in UK, now available for Android and iOS

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With the Galaxy Watch3 you will wear your whole life on your wrist

Take care of yourself with lots of information

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

One of the functions most demanded by the public is to have all kinds of information related to health. In this regard, Galaxy Watch3 comes equipped with a large number of sensors that will allow you to obtain data of all kinds, this being the most advanced Galaxy Watch that Samsung has ever launched.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

For example, we will be able to control blood pressure thanks to the intelligent sensors incorporated in its tiny body; or also, know the concentration of oxygen in the blood to know the oxygen saturation and thus be able to improve your workouts.

In addition, thanks to a future update, the Galaxy Watch3 will be able to perform electrocardiograms through the back button, since the built-in electrode sensor will send a pulse and will detect atrial fibrillation, being able to receive a report to share it if we wish.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

As if that were not enough, the smartwatch is capable of detecting falls by analyzing the accelerometer information, and if it occurs, it is capable of sending a distress message with information on the location where you are to the emergency contact that you have previously configured. .

Don’t stop exercising

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

On the sports level, the Galaxy Watch3 wants to offer you a wide range of options with which you cannot find an excuse when not wanting to do sports. You will have more than 120 different exercise programs available and, in addition, you will be able to analyze your runs thanks to a stride analysis system with which to improve your posture and track your daily performance including maximum VO2 values.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Call from wherever and however you want

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

The advantage of the 4G version is that you have a mobile on your wrist. Thanks to the integrated eSIM, you can configure your mobile number to make and receive calls, but also enjoy an internet connection to continue chatting, listening to streaming music or accessing the shopping list you have in the cloud without need to carry the mobile with you.

Elegant and advanced design

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

But all these functions would be of no use if we were talking about a watch that does not invite you to wear it. In its case, Galaxy Watch3 presents an aesthetic that quickly relates to that of a traditional watch. The fault of this is its round shape, a design that Samsung has been able to take advantage of intelligently by adding a rotating bezel that allows you to navigate through the menus in an extremely comfortable and intuitive way.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

All this is perfectly camouflaged in a millimeter construction available in two sizes of 45mm or 41mm and in the colors Mystic Black, Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze, so you will have several options to choose from that you can expand with the collection of interchangeable straps available.


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