Pinterest, a place full of interests

If Pinterest had to be defined in a simple way, it would be like the internet tailor’s drawer. A social network that serves both to save interests and find ideas or inspiration and where the visual has a strong impact. Basically you can say that it is an image-based search engine.

It is true that at first it can be confusing, especially when you see so many images in the search results, the boards, Pin and save other elements in yours, etc. But as more and more is used the network is better understood, until you start to see all the potential it can offer.

Can you make money on Pinterest?

Pinterest app

If a ranking were made with the social networks that generate the most money for its users, Pinterest would not be in the top 3 and possibly not in the top 5. And it is logical, you just have to see the number of users on each network. While Facebook or YouTube exceed 2 billion, Pinterest stands at around 322 million.

Therefore, to smaller number of users the advertising investment of brands, etc., is also less. But still, the chances of monetize Pinterest activity they are real and should not be neglected. Because the niches of users it offers can be more profitable than trying to get a slice of places where there is much more competition. In addition, comparatively, the effort to amortize Pinterest can sometimes be less than that required to do it on another network.

That is, among others, one of the great values ​​of Pinterest. If you get organized, just by getting a certain rhythm and the platform considers you active, you will have many options to start monetizing. Although now you have to know what can be done, what are those users doing who are getting an economic return on investment in the time they are doing.

Affiliate links

As can be done on any website or social platform, the affiliate marketing It is the first option when it comes to generating income through the internet.

The operation is very simple. When you sign up for an online store or are contacted by a company that has a referral link program, they provide you with a unique code or custom link that you use to redirect traffic. Then, depending on the conditions, the greater the number of conversions, the greater the income.

How do you take advantage of this option on Pinterest? Very easy, when you add content to Pinterest the first thing you are asked is to enter a link. So, when other users find your content and click on it, they will be redirected to the website in question. If they end up buying the product or hiring the service, you will get the corresponding commission.

The only advice you should keep in mind is that you have to be honest and not abuse. I mean, you can add anything, but if you want to gain credibility it is important to recommend well, what you would really buy.

For the rest, the good thing is that this is an easy way to earn money. If over time you achieve boards with many visits, these passive income will grow and could become a constant month to month.

Traffic source for your project

Pinterest gaming monitors

Using Pinterest as additional traffic source for your project It is like the most basic option of affiliate marketing, where you yourself are the company that gives the referral link.

By the very nature of Pinterest and how thousands of users use the network worldwide, having a board where you can promote your own products, services or content is a great idea. Because the traffic that can be reached thanks to these searches could be a great push, especially for certain creative activities that have a lot of pull within the social network.

If, in addition to simple images, you also create exclusive content for Pinterest, it will be easier for you to stand out and get relevance. You will have to make a somewhat greater effort, but you can dose or adapt pieces you have for other networks. For example, if you publish videos on YouTube, you can mount a small teaser or trailer of what they will find in the video.

The same if you have a medium or blog, publish small fragments of what you are publishing on it and you can earn more traffic that you can later monetize with Adsense and other advertising platforms that are usually used to generate money with an online publication.

Taking care of the details, images and other elements (labels, name of the boards, etc.) when publishing content on Pinterest, you will see that the benefits can be greater than, sometimes, trying the same thing on other networks a lot largest in number of users.

Influencers model

Just like with Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, on Pinterest there is also influencers. The income that these same users can generate from the same type of publication on other networks is not equitable, but that does not mean that there are brands that are searching for relevant profiles within Pinterest.

In the end, the strategy of influencer is similar in any network: achieve relevance, the desired engagement and have an outline of what and when to publish to optimize results. Logically, if you are one of those who achieves all that naturally and without prior work, then better than better. To optimize everything, you have to be clear about some minimum concepts.

Pinterest, a great complement to your online activity

In summary, as you can see, Pinterest may not be the platform on which to lay all your eggs, but it is a great complement to the rest of online activities that you can do with the aim of making money.

As an image and inspiration search engine it is one of the best online sites that exist. Additionally, users who subscribe to your email lists to receive recommendations are another potential niche to reach.

If you consider everything calmly and invest an effort in time and resources proportional to the results that you obtain, you are likely to end up convinced of the potential there is.