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With Nuki Opener you can control the telephone remotely to open the street door

Open the telephone from the mobile

Nuki Opener

The idea is very simple. Opener will act as a communication bridge between your telephone and the wireless home network, so that, if they knock on the door, you can open the street access whether or not you are at home, regardless of the corner of the world in which you are at that moment. The moment you press the intercom button on the street, you will receive a notification notifying you that the door has been knocked.

At that time you can open the door remotely, but you should know exactly if you expected someone at that time, since there is no visual or audible information. That is to say, Nuki Opener You only receive information on when the bell is pressed and you can only execute the command to open the door when activating the push-button of the telephone itself, but at no time will it allow us to speak through the intercom or see the image of the street if we have a video intercom .

Goodbye to the keys forever

Nuki Opener

A very interesting function that incorporates that Nuki Opener is that it has a system called Ring to Open, which allows you to open the door without taking your phone out of your pocket and just ringing the doorbell. This is possible thanks to a positioning technology that controls our location and determines if we are close to home to activate or not the button. It is a very interesting function, but we would like to know exactly if the door will be activated equally when we are at home and someone calls from outside.

Like other types of door control systems, the official application will allow guests access so they can have control of the door whenever we allow it. In this way, this Nuki Opener is placed as a very interesting option for holiday rental homes, since combined with a Nuki lock it will allow tenants to access the keys to the house at the time of entry into the apartment.

This Nuki Opener is now available for sale with a price of 99 euros, and with the idea of ​​avoiding compatibility problems with your telephone, the manufacturer offers a quick test with which to get out of doubt, since it offers a large list of manufacturers and models with which to know exactly if there will be any problem in the installation.

The price of 99 euros must also be added to the 99 euros that the Nuki Bridge costs, which is a connection bridge between the Opener and your Wi-Fi network. Without it, the only way to access the Opener is through Bluetooth, so either you are inside the house or you will not be able to open the street door remotely. It is a basically essential accessory to take full advantage of the system. The good news is that it can also be used with the Nuki Smart Lock, so we won’t have to purchase more units to use both devices remotely.

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