Home Android Windows Mobile could be in place of Android today, says Bill Gates

Windows Mobile could be in place of Android today, says Bill Gates

Windows Mobile could be in place of Android today, says Bill Gates

In a recent interview by Bill Gates, Microsoft's founder says that Windows Mobile could have surpassed Android. However, this did not happen because the company ruined everything.

At stake is the launch of the mythical Motorola Droid, the device that would catapult Android into the spotlight. According to Bill Gates, it could have been shipped with Windows Mobile if Microsoft had not been late in delivering its software for three months.

Lawsuit caused Microsoft not to deliver Windows Mobile on time

As stated by Bill Gates in this interview, it was all due to a lawsuit that Microsoft was facing at the time. Microsoft's founder admits that he was distracted by this litigation, which made Android the operating system of choice for the Motorola Droid.

Incidentally, Bill Gates says this was one of the reasons why he decided to retire early on Microsoft's leadership. He assumes he may have been blamed for the company's failure in the mobile market due to his distraction.

We will never know if Windows Mobile would actually have enough padding to reach the level that Android has reached. Still, the former Microsoft CEO is convinced that this could be a reality if the Motorola Droid were released with its software, rather than Google's.

After Bill Gates left Microsoft, Steve Ballmer succeeded him and he was largely responsible for Nokia's disastrous takeover. The rest is a story of steady decline that we all know well.

Microsoft is back in the mobile market with … Android

It was just a few weeks ago that the company founded by Bill Gates announced its return to the mobile device market. Panos Panay introduced us to the Surface Duo, a dual screen device that runs precisely Android.

In the aftermath of this presentation, the major Surface brand owner gave several interviews in which he stated that Android is the best operating system they could have chosen for the Duo. A clear statement that Windows Mobile will never be resurrected.

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