WIndows 10 May Update Will Have Problems with USB Storage Drives

WIndows 10 May Update Will Have Problems with USB Storage Drives

Microsoft has announced on its official support site the latest bug found in its next major update to Windows 10. According to what you read, this update will be blocked on computers with attached USB storage drives.

This is because there may be a change in the destination letter of these drives after the update is installed. As Microsoft points out, drives defined with the destination G :, for example, may change to a different letter.

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While this may not be very problematic for the average user, this would certainly be a major drawback for corporate networks. Simply changing the destination of a storage unit can cause numerous problems on a more complex network.

Windows 10 May 2019 Update will be blocked if you have your USB disk connected to your PC.

In fact, this will be enough so that you may not be able to install the May update on your computer. The same scenario will occur if you have an SD memory card connected to your PC when installing the new update for Windows 10.

In this case, you will be notified that something went wrong during the installation process and that you should try later. This notification will state that you have hardware that is not ready for the new operating system version.

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Solving this problem is as simple as removing these storage units. That is, just disconnect your external USB disk or memory card and retry the installation of the May update.

As for the problem itself, Microsoft further states that a fix will eventually be released to the public. This was not developed in time for the release of this major update, which gave rise to this early warning.

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is scheduled to reach users later this month. We do not have a specific date for the event yet, but what we all want is that the paradigm of problems arising from the past update will not be repeated.

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