Windows 10 is currently receiving an update, called KB4532693. What appeared to be a normal update, is bringing a rather annoying error, according to several users. After updating, all files on the desktop and in the profiles have disappeared.

Multiple reports that the Feb Cumulative Update for Win10 (1903? 1909?) Resets the desktop – custom icons missing, background set to Windows logo – and would not recognize the established logon account. Are you seeing the same?

– Woody Leonhard (@AskWoody) February 12, 2020

The update was sent on February 11 under the name February Cumulative Update for Windows 10. According to users, custom icons have disappeared and the desktop background has returned to the Windows logo by default.

Essentially, the personal settings have all disappeared and the system does not recognize already established users. Apparently, users also had this problem with the update released in January, giving a very troubled start to 2020 for the Microsoft operating system.

Microsoft warns to be aware of the situation

Microsoft indicates that it is aware of the situation, but has not provided any solutions to the problem. It is likely that Microsoft will send a correction for this error in a future update, perhaps only in March. However, this error should be corrected as soon as possible, to avoid further constraints for users.

There is a way to recover files

According to the computer support site BleepingComputer, this error is caused because the update creates a temporary profile during installation. However, in some cases, Windows 10 fails to recover the original profile, leaving the user with an “empty” profile.

BleepingComputer indicates that restarting the computer can solve the problem. Otherwise, here’s a guide that can help you if you have this problem:

  • On Windows, open the Local Disk (C 🙂
  • Click on “Users”
  • Search for a profile that ends in .000 or .bak
  • Open this profile

The solution given by BleepingComputer does not require much knowledge but if you are not comfortable, it is best to wait for Microsoft to correct the error.

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