Windows 10 Already Used on More Than 900 Million Devices

Windows 10 Already Used on More Than 900 Million Devices

Windows 10 is already used on over 900 million devices. The news came from Microsoft Vice President Yusuf Mehdi, who made a point of sharing the news with his followers on social networks.

Microsoft has seen Windows 10 experience the fastest growth ever in the past year. According to Mehdi, the last 12 months was the period – to date – where more Windows 10 devices were added.

Windows 10 had gained 100 million users in the last 6 months

Basically these numbers mean that Microsoft was able to gain 100 million users in six months. If growth continues in this direction, Windows 10 could reach 1 billion users by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

To get a sense, Microsoft had reached 800 million users in March. It is currently estimated that Windows 10 is getting about 16.7 million new devices per month, numbers below the 20 million achieved by Windows 7.

This growth is largely due to the fact that Windows 7 is nearing its end of life in terms of support, so many companies are already making the transition. No wonder in March 2020 we see the million mark hit.

Keep in mind that for Windows 10 devices, Microsoft has computers, Hololens (virtual reality glasses), Xbox consoles, and all Surface devices.

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