Will we also see Matthew McConaughey in Spider-Man 3?

Will we also see Matthew McConaughey in Spider-Man 3?

Spider-Man 3, an expected movie full of celebrities

With so much delay in the world of cinema due to the pandemic, the release date of Spider-Man 3 is now a real unknown. In principle, it is expected for the end of 2021 (specifically, December 17), but we do not know if the Recent schedule changes could cause the film to finally change its date or even opt for another format – Disney has already let it be known that it is making a deep restructuring of its action plan with its streaming service.

What we do know is that when the film, in charge of closing this new Marvel trilogy, comes into our lives, it will be filled with familiar faces. To our undisputed and favorite protagonist Spider-Man, starring Tom holland, we know that it will be added for the moment Jamie foxx, who already played Electro in the second installment of Sony’s Spider-Man and who also repeats his role in the UCM.

Electro in Spider-man

Another actor has been very rumored and although they have not been confirmed yet, everything seems to indicate that he will also walk through the film. We talk about Benedict Cumberbatch, who would be in charge of replacing, in his role as Dr. Strange, the figure of Peter Parker’s mentor that Iron Man previously filled.

And there is still room for another great star in the film: nothing less than Matthew McConaughey, who is rumored to appear playing a great villain from the Marvel universe.

McConaughey as Green Goblin!

At the moment it is just a rumor but one of those that sounds strongly. In the Express we can read that the actor, winner of an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club and known for a multitude of works such as the great Interstellar or the first season of True detective, will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe bringing to life the Green Goblin.

This character is undoubtedly one of the publisher’s best-known villains and also one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies, so the idea is that he appears in this third film is undoubtedly promising.

Green Goblin

Green Goblin Cosplay – William Tung – CC BY-SA 2.0

Norman osborn is the name behind this supervillain, a sociopathic millionaire who ends up going crazy and becoming, thanks to an experimental formula, a gifted character who will make life impossible for Spider-Man (and even other superheroes in the Marvel Universe, at least in the comics).

The Green Goblin has already been portrayed in the past by Willem Dafoe in the 2002 film, Spider-Man, and by Chris Cooper in the 2014 film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now McConaughey would take over, with an introduction to the MCU that it’s not even the first time It is rumored – it seems that the past had already tempted the actor but it never finished curdling.

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