The customs authority of the United States of America, Customs and the US Border Patrol (CBP) did what may be a huge lapse, or genuine satire to the OnePlus Buds’ lack of originality. The case recently exploded on Twitter.

The seriousness of the CBP publication, which accounts for the seizure of a shipment of OnePlus Buds, believing that there are two thousand units of Apple AirPods counterfeited, leaves us inclined to consider the publication in question as genuine.

This is not an apple! Seizure of OnePlus Buds loading

CBP agents seized a total of two thousand units of what they came to consider as counterfeit Apple AirPods, according to The Verge, collecting information about the case. CBP’s publication, however, leaves little room for doubt.

Despite the clear similarity to the Apple AirPods, the earphones true wireless of the Cupertino technology, the product box shows its name and brand very clearly. They claim to be an original product designed by another manufacturer, OnePlus.

In addition, the retail price of OnePlus Buds in the United States of America is $ 80. In turn, Apple AirPods cost $ 160, not $ 398 per unit as claimed by the customs authority.

Was it a joke with Apple and OnePlus?

The Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus, was quick to react, satirizing the situation with a publication on Twitter. On the other hand, CPB stated in a press release that this seizure is an example of its daily inspection and protection activity.

More specifically, “protecting the American public from various dangers on a daily basis”. In view of such a categorical statement, the probability that everything was just a big and shameful mistake is considerable.

It should be noted that OnePlus is a manufacturer already well known in the United States of America, being welcomed to date with its top smartphones. OnePlus Buds headsets are one of the latest additions to your portfolio.

OnePlus Buds pay homage to Apple AirPods

TWS OnePlus Buds earphones in various colors
The design, box and various color schemes of the OnePlus Buds.

Presented in the first half of 2020, there is no doubt about the inspirations of OnePlus Buds. Like several products from rival manufacturers, from Oppo, to JBL or Huawei, Apple AirPods were the basis for TWS headsets.

Note that, to date, no other AirPod-like product has been seized by the authority in question. Among the countless manufacturers that honored Apple with a similar product, OnePlus was the only one to be “retained”.

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