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Wiiboy Color is the portable Nintendo Wii that never existed

Wiiboy Color or portable Wii

Taking a console or any other electronic device and modifying it is nothing new. In the past we have already seen many similar initiatives, although we must also admit that not all of them are equally successful. But yes, transforming a desktop console into a portable or portable one is common.

What is more difficult is that it is done and the finish looks practically the same as if it had been done by the company that created the original product. And that’s what we have with the Wiiboy Color, a Nintendo Wii transformed into a portable console with a design reminiscent of the Game Boy Color.

As you can see in the video above, this project was created by GingerofMods And as in other similar ones, it had to face different challenges. Some less complex than it might initially seem.

For example, the motherboard of the Nintendo Wii had to be cut in order to integrate it inside the case that he had designed in a CAD program and then 3D printed with a very striking and attractive final finish. Especially since with that white color it certainly looks like an official Nintendo product.

Regarding the screen, a 3.5 inch IPS panel with 480p resolution, here there are fewer surprises. And it is that finding suitable monitors for any type of project similar to this is relatively easy. If not, tell whoever modified the LEGO set to turn the NES made with the popular bricks into a real console thanks to the use of the electronics of the NES Mini.

Anyway, the most striking thing about this proposal is that its author included a small USB stick to store games. Because yes, this Wii is modified to be able to load games to him through the computer.

For the rest, the buttons are partly from a Nintendo DS Lite, although the control circuitry that was used inside corresponds to a Gamecube controller. Although not for that reason it lacks details or compatibility, since it includes triggers and the software was modified to be able to emulate each control of the original Wiimote.

In short, with an autonomy of between two and three hours, this Wiiboy Color is a proposal that many would have loved to see when the Nintendo Wii was officially presented. A portable console with which to enjoy some of the best games that Nintendo has made in all its history, such as Mario or Zelda.

How to have your own Wiiboy Color

By the way, if you dare and want have your own Wiiboy Color You don’t have to start printing parts, cutting plates, soldering cables and modifying software. Its creator could create your own version, although as he himself says, this is a Premium product because of the work involved and its price would not be economical.

If you’re a fan of rarity collector’s storage, you’re sure to be interested. Although it will always be much easier to turn to a Raspberry Pi and build your own retro console. With all the emulators that exist, few retro games will be left without enjoying again.

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