Why is PlayStation 5 so great? The beauty of the interior

How many games can be installed on a PlayStation 5?

Designing a high-capacity device, designed for consumers and with a profile that requires an attractive and functional design, is not an easy task. Let them tell Sony, which has had to come up with a thousand ways not to sacrifice an iota of potential in its next console, Playstation 5, although of course, that has forced to resort to a somewhat large design. What exactly happened?

Cost question

Exploded PS5

A few days ago we were able to see the first official parts of the PlayStation 5 at the hands of the vice president of the mechanical design division, Yasuhiro Ootori, and in that video we could see in great detail the guts of the console. Motherboard, heatsink, fan … Obviously everything has a meaning inside the console, and that sense that they have decided to implement is what has forced them to maintain the dimensions reached by PlayStation 5. So why is it so big?

In an interview conducted by Nikkei, Ootori has commented that in the development of the architecture of the console they could have divided the motherboard into two parts to save space and compress the design of the console, however, they decided to design it in a single piece by the simple reason to lower costs.

Big fan?

Exploded PS5

This is something that we can see in Xbox Series X, where two parallel plates allow us to speed up the vertical design that characterizes Microsoft’s console so much. It is also important to note that, even with a larger fan, Xbox Series X has a smaller size than that of PlayStation 5. The manager assured that they thought of placing two fans instead of one to gain space, but again, they opted for the decision to reduce the cost of manufacturing the console.

Inexpensive to make, but cool and quiet

Exploded PS5

That they have paid attention to the cost of production there is no doubt, but something that they have also taken into account is the level of noise that the console will generate. Sony has tried to find the perfect balance between design and cooling capacity, as the track record that accompanies the company in its latest releases is not particularly positive.

With PS4 and PS4 Pro generating a tremendous noise due to ventilation, with PlayStation 5 they wanted to play it safe, and hence the console looks bigger than normal. Because yes, compared to Xbox Series X, there is no question that the console is incredibly large, and that is something that we will not be able to change.


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