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Why does Apple want it so much that we trust it?

Anyone who watched Apple's conference yesterday with attention certainly got the same feeling as me. One of Tim Cook's great focuses and presentation of the various new services was privacy. It seems that Apple wants to be the only company we can trust.

Security and privacy are very sensitive topics. In fact, it can be said that they are increasingly fracturing. Those who work in this environment value them even more than the average user. Incidentally, I venture to say that the average user does not care so much about their privacy. Just look at social networks.

tim cook apple

About the new services, Tim Cook said "they are designed to keep your personal information private and secure." This sentence was repeated in the afternoon over and over again. As soon as a new product appeared, it was emphasized how much they cared about user data.

Apple wants to be the only company we trust

The truth is that the services launched yesterday by the Cupertino giant are mostly focused on those inside the ecosystem. That is, the idea is to keep who is inside because they are safe and bring new users who want to feel so. That's how Apple wants to distance itself from companies like Google or Facebook.

apple news +

With Facebook suffering scandal after scandal and Google being fined, Apple takes a different stand. Whether with the launch of a news platform, a streaming service or a credit card. The commitment is always on data security.

Obviously, it's all a strategic matter. We can choose to believe or not to believe. It's all a question of whether or not you feel safe in this ecosystem. Obviously Apple is going to collect a lot of your data, but care about it seems to be growing. Or at least that's what they are trying to sell us.

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