Home Apple Why does a green dot now appear when you take selfies from Instagram on your iPhone?

Why does a green dot now appear when you take selfies from Instagram on your iPhone?

Why does a green dot now appear when you take selfies from Instagram on your iPhone?

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In an effort to keep user privacy completely intact, Apple has added a curious function that will allow users to know at any time if an application you are using the microphone or front camera without the user knowing. For this, it has placed two colored dots that will quickly draw your attention when one of these two requirements is met.

If, for example, you are in an application and you decide to take a selfie from it to use the resulting image, the moment you go to take the photo and the camera is activated, a green dot will appear to know that the front camera is in use . This is obvious since you are seeing the preview of the image on the screen, but what if the application continues to collect information when you close it?

ios 14 camera notification

That is where the color led makes sense, since we would know at all times that the camera is still active. It is a notification led that mimics the green led that we can find in the Macbook next to the webcam. But in addition to the camera, we could also know if another of the elements that most affect the privacy of users is being used, and it is none other than the microphone.

In that case, the point will appear orange, so if you see it, you could instantly know that there is a resident application that continues to listen to your talks privately.

What application is the camera using?

ios14 green led

If the colored led has appeared and you want to know exactly which application is using the camera or microphone, you just have to lower the control center to see clearly which application is using the camera or microphone as it is. as the color point alerted you.

How can I remove access to the microphone and camera?

Ios 14 camera access

If these visual notifications have allowed you to discover that there is an application watching you at all times, you have two options to prevent it from happening again. On the one hand, you can uninstall it completely and make it disappear forever, or on the other hand you can access the system settings and modify the permissions that the application has in order to revoke access to the camera or microphone.

This is the exact route that you must follow to do it:

  • Settings> App name> Camera / Microphone


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