The IGTV button disappears from the app

Instagram has evolved Over time always in line with the needs and tastes of its users. From the photos we pass from the short videos, from there to the Stories boom and after that came the turn of IGTV. It is true that this last format seems to be the most difficult to take off, but it can also be said that it is increasingly common to see accounts (especially professionalized) that add to this provision of the social network.

In case you don’t know what is IGTV, it is an application of the firm (such as Boomerang) that allows the upload of vertical videos of up to 10 minutes (60 if you have a verified account) and then show them on the platform. A snippet (the beginning) always appears in our Instagram app feed, so you can start watching it directly there and then continue and jump to the IGTV section to continue enjoying the content.

Capture the Instagram app with and without a button – Via TechCrunch

Other ways that exist to watch videos belonging to this format is either to enter directly in the app or, failing that, access by means of a button (the icon of the old TV) that is placed next to the icon of direct messages … or well, rather, “it was”, since the social network has just eliminated it forever from its application.

Why has Instagram removed it?

As the firm has explained to TechCrunch in some official statements, the reason is because “very few users” use this second path and touch the button. Given the little success it has, it is best to remove it and clean the interface so as not to distract the user with unnecessary elements that divert attention from where it should be at all times: in the content.

The same American media indicates that in the end all this is a consequence of something very clear and patent at the moment: Tik Tok is winning the battle for a win to Instagram from time to time with your video service, with a difference of millions of downloads between them. Put things like this, Facebook (owner of the platform of posture par excellence) has not been around the bush and has cut by the healthy: eliminating unnecessary elements that do nothing but complicate everything at the level of development and design without being worth it.

TikTok logo

Eye, this does not mean that IGTV disappears. The access button to your section has simply been removed, but the videos will still be accessible through the feed of each one when someone you follow uploads one and through the tab to explore new content, in which it will still be possible to find proposals to discover With this format. Also the app is still 100% active both to upload videos and to watch those of others.

Total for four cats who used them … you probably haven’t even noticed that the button is no longer in your app.