WhatsApp is known to be the most used messaging service in the world. From an early age it became popular, and in 2014 it was even acquired by Facebook. Now it has been officially announced that it has already reached two billion users.

The novelty was revealed in a statement on the official WhatsApp blog titled “Two billion users – Connecting the world privately”.

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app globally

WhatsApp reaffirms focus on your privacy

At a time when WhatsApp celebrates this impressive brand, it shows that its focus is on privacy. It is remembered that by default your messages are encrypted, and that they are recorded on your device and not in the cloud.

The commitment from the beginning has always been to provide a “simple, reliable and private” service. And it can be said that if the service was already popular when it was purchased by Facebook, the rise was dizzying from then on.

In 2014 Facebook paid $ 21.8 billion for WhatsApp, at a time when the service already had 500 million users. In 2016, the service reached 1 billion and in 2018 it reached 1.5 billion users.

It can be said that, since it is from Facebook, the service will have grown on a basis of around 500 million new users every two years. And although the service has attractive competitors like Telegram, it is a brand that is already deeply rooted and difficult to put aside by users.

The WhatsApp statement in full

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