Home Tablets WhatsApp: More screenshots show what Dark Mode will look like

WhatsApp: More screenshots show what Dark Mode will look like

WhatsApp: More screenshots show what Dark Mode will look like

The year 2019 belongs to Dark Mode. This feature darkens the interface of apps and interfaces to save battery power and reduce effort in the user's eyes. One of the most awaited apps to receive this feature is WhatsApp, whose images are constantly being shared.

The WaBetaInfo Twitter page is responsible for most information leaks, giving us a look at WhatsApp with the built-in Dark Mode. The latest shows us the splash screen or app home screen, where everything is dark except the letters of the conversations, with the menus in blue.


That blue may change in the final version, because the tendency of Dark Mode in apps is to keep everything black and white. Another image, also shared by WaBetaInfo yesterday, shows what the communication app interface looks like inside messages.

dark mode whats

Therefore, the top and bottom bars remain the same meaning that Dark Mode has not reached everywhere. It's good that WhatsApp includes full interface dimming otherwise it won't make sense to call it Dark Mode.

Advantages of Dark Mode

Currently present in dozens of apps, Dark Mode darkens the interface, usually turning the background black and the letters white for greater contrast. This option has become quite popular because it offers some chance of personalization and an alternative to the traditional look of apps.

Additionally, Dark Mode has a great advantage on OLED or AMOLED displays as the black pixels are truly off. Already on the LCD, the pixels emit a dark color, still having a disadvantageous battery consumption.

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