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WhatsApp is banning users without mercy!

WhatsApp has been talking about lately banning members of your app without thinking twice. This is because the user is in a group that has an "illegal" name.

In the last few days hundreds (if not thousands) of members have agreed that WhatsApp is unable to access and that they have been banned from the "for life" application.


WhatsApp group names are responsible

Two of the members mentioned their stories and you have to think. Both were in groups where the administrator felt it was good to change the name to "something illegal" (we don't know what).

This decision caused the WhatsApp team not only to ban the group administrator but all its members without thinking twice.

When users demanded a response, WhatsApp simply stated that users violated the "terms and conditions" of the application.

Users without fault are removed due to this situation

However, this makes us think of the scenario as a whole. Imagine you are in a WhatsApp group where the administrator remembers changing the group name and the next day you see that your decision has banned you from the App. You no longer have access to all your messages, chats or family. Even if you are nothing related to it.

Although the chat has end-to-end encryption, ie WhatsApp does not know what is said there, the information and group name is public to the company. Hence these situations.

Given this scenario, you confirm that you know the administrators of the groups you are in and confirm that none of them have a brilliant idea of ​​renaming the group.

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