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WhatsApp has a new feature to prevent fake news

WhatsApp has a new feature to prevent fake news

This is WhatsApp's new measure to prevent false news and has been available in India for some time. However, it is finally starting to reach all users worldwide.

The new measure warns you if a message you received has been forwarded more often than usual. This normal for WhatsApp are forwarding the same messages 10 times.

WhatsApp Forwarding Information Is Discrete

Whenever you receive a message where in the upper left corner you say a "double arrow" means that this message has been shared multiple times. Also, if you forward the message to your contacts you will be warned that "this message will be marked as forwarded many times"


A way to avoid fake news

This was done to avoid rumors or false news. However, we need to understand to what extent its outcome will be positive.

This is because the message only has a double arrow. It doesn't tell us if the message (image, video or link) we are sharing is true or not. That is, the user may just think that they are sharing something viral. We also have to admit that a double arrow in the corner of the message will go unnoticed by many users.

However, it will not be easy to combat fake news through WhatsApp. Messages in the messaging application are encrypted. That is, there is no way that WhatsApp can guarantee the veracity of links or other information because, theoretically, it has no access to chat.

New feature begins to arrive worldwide

The feature was implemented in India a few months ago and is now coming to smartphones from around the world. There is still no concrete information about the release date of the new feature for your device, but if you see a message with a double arrow in the left corner you know what it is.

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