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WhatsApp will implement a much desired security measure
Whatsapp Android Oreo What's New
You will also be able to know who mentioned you in any content on this communication service.

Android Oreo. This is the new version of Google's mobile operating system. It is also the most desirable version for those who want to always be aware of the news. This version was released in August 2017. Version that has many new features but if there is one that will improve the experience of using WhatsApp are the notification channels.

Assuming you have an Android smartphone or tablet and use the communication services provided by WhatsApp, you will know that not all notifications are the same. Right? Notifications refer to distinct events. Be a new message, new image, call, group alerts, etc. Some provide you with an audible alert, others a vibrating alert or a visual alert on the status bar.

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Now, here is the crux of the matter. A panoply of notifications that turns your Android device into a "Christmas tree" when you turn on data sync. To avoid this "flood" of notifications, Android Oreo, in addition to the other news we have here something that will "fix" the notifications of WhatsApp. And any other application.

Google has encountered a problem at hand. When you receive multiple notifications how can he discern the most important of the most trivial? Not to mention the saturation of the poor status bar that sometimes runs out of space for so many "news". This is particularly true for heavy applications like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and of course WhatsApp.

Android Oreo and its news for WhatsApp

So far, if you don't already use the Android Oreo version on your device with all its news, if you want disable notifications WhatsApp will have to disable them ALL. Now this is something that users rarely did. It is annoying to always be receiving notifications but disabling them all at once is not exactly productive either.

As we are told by AndroidPolice, notification channels are one of the cool things about Android Oreo. (One of the best for those who want to keep their sanity). Now with WhatsApp (beta) version 2.18.18 – download from Mirror APK we have the practical solution for those who are fed up with so much notification. Good news that will soon reach the stable version of this application.

From now on, the WhatsApp service will support a total of 10 channels for notifications:
  • Group Notifications
  • Message Notifications
  • Conversation History Backup
  • Critical Application Alerts
  • Failure Notifications
  • Multimedia Playback
  • Without category
  • Other notifications
  • Multimedia upload
  • Silent Notifications

The news are certainly captivating and with Android Oreo each of these channels will have various settings. Various adjustment options that can be individually controlled. This allows you to choose exactly which notifications are important to you.

In short, you can essentially split WhatsApp notifications into high, normal, and low importance. You can even disable the ones you want (or in this case you don't want).

News and possibility on Android Oreo

WhatsApp Android Oreo What's New
The possibilities and the news © androidpolice

In practice, if you're tired of getting a certain kind of notification on WhatsApp and you're not sure what it is (type), now, among other things, you'll get a simple form to deal with it. When you see this notification that you want to disable, press and hold it until it reveals which category (type) it belongs to. You can also disable this type immediately.

Android Oreo Brings Notification Channels to WhatsApp

However, you can only change your priority so that they don't bother you so much in the future. Once you have the Android Oreo operating system, in the "All categories" menu, you can decide the "destination" of such notifications. You can essentially choose the type of alert she will give you.

This news will be especially welcome for those who use WhatsApp intensively daily. So you can know when it is really an important alert / notification or when it is simply someone sending memes in a group chat. In short, to make your life easier and not saturate your patience with WhatsApp as well.

Finally on this WhatsApp news list with Android Oreo, you can switch between a voice call and a video call. Sounds good? It may seem like a small change (and indeed it is), but it can be welcomed and used by some of us. It's more of a user experience optimization than anything else.

Note that all these news are intended for the users of the WhatsApp 2.18.18 in Beta. They already incorporate Android Oreo notification channels. Something that should reach all users as soon as the company decides to implement these news in the stable version of their application. As soon as this happens they will also be the first to know. Alternatively you can download the Beta here via APK Mirror.

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