Home Applications What's up with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Died for good?

What's up with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Died for good?

What's up with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Died for good?

If you are not an avid cryptocurrency follower let me answer the second question of the title. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are in good health.

Just because you don't see the mainstream media talking about crypto doesn't mean they ceased to exist. In fact, they are, in my opinion, better than ever.


What's up with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is far from the $ 20,000 it reached in 2017, yet the main crypto is more stable than ever. Don't get me wrong, Bitcoin is still a super volatile asset, but now the ups and downs are less steep. It is currently valued at $ 8,903 under the CoinMarketCap.

That is, we can see that there is a way ahead. In 2017 the climb was so high that even the most enthusiastic knew that Bitcoin would fall hard. It was a matter of time.

With these slight increases Bitcoin has shown that it remains a valuable asset and that its investment remains an advantage.

Ethereum has had better days


Like Bitcoin, Ethereum goes through the same. However, the cryptocurrency that promises the future is below what was expected. Trading at this time for $ 188.30, it has been rare to see Ethereum returning to numbers that were thrilling us (over $ 300).

Still, it is worth noting that Ethereum applications are much more than Bitcoin offers. Ethereum's smart contracts are something to explore and are being developed by thousands of entities. From individual to banks.

AltCoins continue to follow Bitcoin

The rest of the cryptocurrencies follow Bitcoin's ups and downs. I believe that in the future each one will have their "independence" from Bitcoin volatility, but this is what is happening right now.

In addition, crypt descents such as Ripple, EOS or even Cardano leave us wondering if we will ever see the numbers rise as before.

All in all, the cryptocurrency market is a good time for investment, however, remember that the market is volatile and invest no more than you are willing to lose. Above all remember that I am not a financial advisor and you should study the market carefully before investing.

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