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What’s new from Xiaomi is like a Chromecast that doesn’t need WiFi

What is the Xiaomi Mi Pai set

The Google Chromecast has been a very attractive device since its inception and we do not think it is necessary to say why again. Most of you already know what the Google HDMI dongle has to offer. However, it is also true that it had some shortcomings that finally had to be resolved with the new Chromecast with Google TV and previously by other manufacturers who launched proposals for much more complete HDMI sticks.

However, the original Chromecast also had two main benefits which many users bought and continue to buy. The first is its price, a very economical product that complies well with all that it promises despite the above. The second, the screen mirroring function. And it is that being able to send the content from any device and application compatible with Chromecast technology is very practical.

Now Xiaomi has launched a new device that is basically a Chromecast reduced to its minimum expression. That is, the new Xiaomi Mi Pai Set is intended to allow the user to duplicate the screen of the computer, smartphone or any other device with video output through its USB connection. And attentive, all this without having to connect both devices to the same WiFi network.

To achieve mirror screen without requiring a WiFi connection Additionally, the new Xiaomi Mi Pai generates its own network and that allows connecting the two parts of which it is composed: emitter and receiver. Both have the same design or rounded form factor from which a cable ends in USB or HDMI depending on one or the other. It is very reminiscent of the Chromecast Ultra and is a success for obvious reasons of comfort.

Well, to use it all you need is connect the emitter via a USB port on any of the supported devices. These are Windows computers with version 7 or higher, Mac computers with macOC version 10.10 or higher, as well as Android devices that have USB C with video output.

Once you have it you will have to connect the receiver to the screen or television wherever you want to use it through the HDMI port that it incorporates. From that moment, by selecting the input source, you will begin to see exactly what is on the screen of your device and with good fluidity, because this Xiaomi Mi Pai Set supports a rate of 60Hz refresh although with the maximum resolution limitation Full HD.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi Pai

The big question now is where you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Pai. The answer is that for now you will only be able to if you live in China. As with all the new launches of the brand, with the exception of rare occasions, this device for the moment remains only for the Chinese market.

However, it is very likely that sooner or later it will reach the rest of the countries. Either through third-party vendors that export outside of China or because Xiaomi itself takes it to the markets where it operates. In one way or another attentive, because it is not only interesting but also inexpensive. The price of the Xiaomi Mi Pai is only 35 euros to change.


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