What is the best Wireless keyboard or Pro remote for your Smart TV box?

In this post, we look at what is the best Pro remote or wireless keyboard for your Smart TV box. When it comes to choosing the correct control for your TV box It all comes down to your personal preference, this guide will help you decide what’s the right one for you. We are going to show you exactly what the keyboards and remote’s look like including a YouTube video guide with complete unboxing, review, and demo.

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What is the difference between a pro remote and a keyboard?

When we look at a pro remote the main features is they have an Air mouse, this allows you to use your remote in the same way as a Nintendo Wii controller. With motion-sensing technology, it will allow the user to point the remote at whatever you want to select on screen. Whereas the Keyboards have Trackpads allowing you to move your finger over the pad in order select something on the screen.

Do I need a wireless keyboard or pro remote?

“Wireless keyboards, Pro remote’s help you navigate your TV box more easily!”, A TV box is like having an Android-based Tablet on your TV the only difference is your TV box has not got a touchscreen, It will use your TV as a monitor. Your standard remote that was issued with your device will allow you to navigate around your TV box without any issues. But it can become tedious clicking one box at a time, also moving your cursor from one end of the screen to the other can take a little while. We do have a guide on how to speed up your on-screen cursor if you wanted to know how this can be done.

Do I need a Gamepad for my TV box?

“You only need a gamepad if you’re going to be playing games on your TV box!”, Without a gamepad, you will be limited to what games you can play, as most of the games require a gamepad to be used. We have tested many gamepads but only one has been given our seal of approval. its compatible with 99.9% of gaming emulators, has a long life battery, connects using Bluetooth, and has a built-in Trackpad. The EBox PG-9028 ipega wireless Bluetooth game controller has it all.

Rii i12 Multifunction wireless keyboard

The Rii i12 gets a 10 out of 10 for the style. With a very attractive brush steel backing and slink black keys make this keyboard perfect for your coffee table. The size of the keyboard is similar to some smaller notebooks, not full size but a huge step up from most wireless keyboards.

i8 wireless keyboard with built-in trackpad

The i8 wireless keyboard features a Mini QWERTY keyboard with multimedia control keys as well as a Built-in high sensitive touchpad. So not only does this keyboard have an ergonomically handheld design that is easy to carry and operate, it also has a built-in removable rechargeable Li-ion battery so you don’t have to worry about constantly buying and swapping batteries.

S77 Pro Remote Keyboard

“The S77 Pro remote Keyboard has a gyroscopic sensor, allowing easy movability around your device!”. There are a series of four quick launch buttons on the right side of the remote. They start with the blue “Internet Explorer” button on the second row, bottom right, and moving up towards the top. In addition, each button is mapped to a particular Android feature straight out of the box – no configuring required. Also S77 Pro has an IR-learning feature so you can program it just like a regular TV remote. But, the S77 Pro has a full set of numbers on the top of the remote, as well as four customizable buttons along the bottom row. This actually means you can use the S77 Pro as a replacement universal remote for your television and not lose any functionality.

What’s the best keyboard Pro remote for Android TV boxes Conclusion 

In conclusion, the best Wireless keyboard or Pro remote for your Android Smart TV box is down to what you think will work for you. My personal preference is the S77 Pro remote. “it ticks all the boxes with easy use learning function, the fact that you can hold it in one hand and the overall feel it wins the vote from me!”. this is only my personal opinion and others will always have their preferences. Whatever you decide to go for you will not be disappointed as we only stock the best pro remote and keyboards that have been tried and tested to be universal across all platforms.