What premieres of HBO will we see in January 2020?

What premieres of HBO will we see in January 2020?

HBO releases in 2020

In general, content services on demand type Netflix or HBO They usually share the premieres with those who will always delight us next month, so that subscribers (and those who are not) can get an idea of ​​what they will be able to enjoy in the catalog in the coming weeks.

Yesterday in fact we were telling you what is new for January on Amazon Prime Video and on Netflix, however, with HBO we will have to change the tonic slightly: the platform instead of giving us a breakthrough for the impending next month, has done for the whole year We will release shortly. There is nothing.

The new pope

Among the most important arrivals that we will see precisely in January we have the premiere, the day 11, from The new pope, which is the second season of the fantastic The Young Pope from Jude Law. Sorrentino returns, in fact, to take the baton to bet on that series in which the Law will again give life to Pope Pius XIII, who will be replaced by a new pope who will take the name of John Paul III.

Two days later we can enjoy The visitor, adaptation of Stephen King's novel, and on January 20 lands on the platform Avenue 5, a particular space meal with Hugh Laurie as the protagonist.

These are the only three titles that HBO has shared for the month of January. After that, we will have to wait until February 7 to find another premiere on the list: Kate Keen, spin-off of Riverdale -that comes to Netflix in January, if you remember correctly.

From there, HBO has simply confirmed the arrival of a good amount of titles but without specific dates (only months of release). Thus, in the same month of February we know that we will have available Run, of one of the actresses and writers on the rise at this time, Phoebe Waller-Bridge (protagonist of Fleabag (from Amazon Prime Video) and creator of Killing Eve); The third day (again with Jude Law) e Industry


We will also enjoy the new season of the expected Westworld as well as deliveries of Manifest, Barry, Insecure, The Tale of the Cirada Y, Killing Eve Y Manifest The adaptation of Homeland, based on the fantastic book of the same name by Aramburu, as well as The Undoing, with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant as protagonists, and 30 coins, English production (by Alex de la Iglesia).

As for movies, it stands out The arrival -We strongly recommend that you see it- and in premiere series not yet confirmed but that could see the light, we have House of Dragonprequel to Game of Thrones that you should see the light this year although it is not ruled out that it delays a bit (so do not get too much illusions).

As you can see, a year full of interesting proposals in which the surprises will surely not be missing. What is the premiere you most want?


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