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What is the secret button of the iPhone that everyone talks about

The “new button” on your iPhone

iPhone Se 2020 - Review

During WWDC we met a option within accessibility settings that was going to give a lot to talk about. In the first place to users with certain accessibility problems and secondly to the rest who wanted to make the most of each new interaction that their iPhone could offer.

Well, now that the new iPhone 12 have officially arrived there are many users who are talking about this supposed secret button. A button that doesn’t really exist, because the only ones that exist are the ones you already knew.

In the case of iPhone with FaceID you have the power switch, the two volume control switches and the switch that activates the silent mode. And if it is an iPhone without FaceID we add the Home button where according to the generation the TouchID sensor is also integrated.

However, it is true that thanks to iOS 14 you can activate a function to simulate a new button. One that, in addition, responds with a different action depending on how you “press” two or three times and that you can customize by means of which it offers or go a step further using the Shortcuts.

This option takes advantage of the gyroscope sensor to detect that little jolt that occurs when it is struck with the finger from the rear. Thus, iOS 14 is able to understand that you are hitting it twice and activate the action that has been defined.

How to activate the “secret button” of the iPhone

To use the “new button” of the iPhone, all you have to do is access the accessibility options offered by the operating system and then activate the Play back function. Something very simple, but it will be even easier if you follow these steps:

  1. Open the iOS 14 settings
  2. Access the Accessibility option
  3. Find the option to Touch and access it
  4. Scroll down all the way, you will see the option Play back
  5. Once inside you will see that you have two options that allow you to use this function with one or two taps
  6. Ready

As you can see, this new feature is very easy to get to. Now all you have to do is set what action it will take as you hit the back of your device two or three times. Although if you want to get the most out of it, the ideal is take advantage of this new form of interaction in combination with the application of shortcuts.

Thanks to the system’s shortcuts, you can launch actions of all kinds, some very complex with just a couple of taps or three. Ah, if by any chance you don’t want any of this, don’t worry. Because in the same way that it is activated it can also be deactivated. Also you don’t have to do it with both, you can leave the double press and not the triple or vice versa. Or if you already don’t want any, then select None in both and that’s it.


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